Light Gauge Steel Construction and Framed Buildings

Light Gauge Steel Construction and Framed Buildings

As human beings trying to find our footing on this planet, we have moved through a number of construction paradigms. The earliest houses were made of crude rocks and stone.

For the longest time, wood-framed structures were in vogue. Archeologists have found remains of timber-based structures dating back to the Mesolithic period over 10,000 years ago.

Light Gauge Steel Construction and Framed Buildings

Wood was easy to procure, and provided shelter from storms and hurricanes. However, with time, the disadvantages of wood-frame structures came into the fore. The buildings were susceptible to fires and unsuitable in areas prone to natural disasters like winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

At the same time, high rise buildings had begun to take their place in the world, setting up masterpieces for the world to stand and admire. However, for low-rise construction, concrete was seen as an expensive choice. It is only in the last few decades that the advantages of light gauge steel are being acknowledged.


In such a scenario, light gauge steel structures offer the first mover advantage to organisations looking to expand their operations.

Framed buildings also offer another crucial advantage to organisations – they offer extremely high levels of customisation and standardisation. While traditional construction is based on a brick and mortar model of construction with limited options, the advantages of modern construction gives organisations the power to plan exactly how they want their buildings to look.

Light Gauge Steel Construction and Framed Buildings

Volta Green Structures is extremely proud to be marching ahead in the domain of light gauge steel construction and framed buildings. At Volta Green Structures, we have always placed the interests of the customer as paramount.

With the help of technology and software, we provide customers up to 1 mm of accuracy when it comes to designing their structures. After the blueprints are charted out, our manufacturing units produce the needed equipment and frames. Since the plans are customised to the ‘T’, a lot of wastage can be avoided at the manufacturing stage.

Following the manufacturing stage, our team then assembles the entire structure for your organisation, and this process is extremely quick and nimble. In fact, on occasions, the assembling is finished in a matter of weeks.

Volta Green Structures believes that in the 21st century, every organisation has different and distinct needs – it could be your factories, storage units, godowns, or stores – each of them has a unique requirement. Instead of moulding your organisation’s needs to fixed designs, our design team allows you to design your structures according to your wishes.

At Volta Green Structures, we believe in accuracy and efficiency. Our work is not restricted merely to the design or construction, but rather in turnkey solutions. From the day you decide to opt for the world-changing technology of light gauge steel structures, to the day your unit is ready for use – all this in a matter of weeks !

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