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What is Rapid Building System ?

What is Rapid Building System ?

It is a revolutionary construction system that involves replacing steel structures with light gauge steel structures. These are created using a cold-forming process (without heat), resulting in a lightweight, but highly tensile sheet. These structures are then coated with zinc alloy.

What we get as the result are buildings that have higher levels of durability, strength, and are much easier to build.

Why is the world moving towards Light Gauge Steel?

Advantages of Light Gauge Steel

1. Quick and easy to build:

Quick and easy to build

Due to the high levels of precision, buildings made using light gauge steel are quick and easy to build. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, and do not require a lot of labour.

This is especially helpful for organisations that are looking to set up their operations quickly.

Businesses looking to expand their footprint resort to light gauge steel due to the short time involved in setting up the structure.

2. Ability to build unique designs due to the customisation:

Ability to build unique designs due to the customisation

Due to the high levels of customisation in light gauge steel, architects and engineers need not stick to traditional designs of construction. This gives them a free hand in designing buildings that are unique, aesthetically pleasing, and leaves an imprint on the skyline of the city.

This is important for mega corporations and global conglomerate, as the building becomes an identity for the organisation.

3. Ideal for companies looking to grow and expand:

Ideal for companies looking to grow and expand

Companies that are looking to quickly expand their footprint opt for light gauge steel building as it is very easy to assemble and disassemble.

Light gauge steel buildings give organisations the freedom to assemble and disassemble their godowns, production units and storage units in very short time.

Where is Rapid Building System (Light Gauge Steel) generally used?

Light Gauge Steel is generally preferred in projects where time of the importance and the design needs to be consistent. Some of the most common uses of light gauge steel buildings are:

Light Gauge Steel Buildings Are

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