Why the world is switching to Light Gauge Steel Construction ?


There has been a paradigmatic shift in the construction industry over the last few decades. As the world moves from a brown and green planet to a work inhabited with rising towers of grey, the demands for safer, more innovative and flexible solution.

Whether it is for the construction of grand skyscrapers, or office/residential buildings, Light gauge steel provides a number of distinct advantages making it the top choice of engineers across the world and we at Volta Green Structures recognise it and are working on it. Also called ‘cold-formed steel’ (an innovation that we shall discuss below, further in the article), light gauge steel construction is kinder on the environment. In our quest for higher, taller and stronger, it is the responsibility of the construction industry to ensure the environment is not irreparably damaged. It is this feature of Light Gauge steel construction that has made it such a big draw in the most developed countries in the world – America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


As the name suggests, ‘cold-formed steel’ is manufactured without the use of heat and high temperatures. Cold-formed steel also avoids huge fires, hammers and anvil. In this process, strips of metal are run through rollers that shape and mould the steel according to the exact specifications needed. This entire process is called ROLL FORMING, and is carried out at room temperature.

This innovation of ROLL FORMING is crucial to light gauge construction and proves extremely beneficial to the environment as there is no wastage of raw materials in large quantities. This precision in production also provides high levels of accuracy and allows construction companies and their clients to customise of the parts and equipment.


Speed of Construction

Compared to conventional construction, light gauge steel saves upto 30% of construction time. This is because there is no need for heavy construction and material, as the parts are manufactured according to exact specifications and then brought to the construction site. It is a matter of assembling all the units, and this considerably reduces the construction time. This is ideal for companies that are looking to expand their operations and need to set up units in a short span of time.


Combination of extreme strength and light weight:

Light Gauge Steel might be light, but it is hardly a pushover when it comes to strength – crucial for a skyscraper. In fact, it would come as a surprise that Light Gauge Steel has an extremely high strength to weight ratio.


Light Gauge Steel construction units are easier to remodel, are highly resistant to fire and termites, and most importantly, end up being much more cost-effective than traditional construction. If the ultimate purpose of an enterprise is to make profits, light gauge steel helps organisations save huge costs.

It is hardly a surprise that Light Gauge Steel construction is the way forward for construction companies. Today, Volta Green Structures is working on projects across the most developed countries of the world. Light Gauge Steel Construction is today considered the most suitable option for construction of residential projects, high-rise structures, and urban projects like offices and shopping malls.


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