Rapid Building System

Volta Green’s revolutionary Light Gauge Steel Frame and Hybrid construction technology is powered by the FRAMECAD system which is a rapid construction system using cold rolled galvanized steel sections which allows us to design and build strong, durable steel framed buildings easily and efficiently, anywhere in the world.

What Are the Driving Points of the LGFS Technology ?

Key drivers include:

  • Reduces the projected time of construction by 50% as compared to conventional methods
  • Fully integrated computerized system with CNC machine provides very high accuracy of up to 1 mm
  • Environment friendly as Steel can be reused.
  • High strength to weight ratio. Earthquake force generation is less due to light weight.
  • Reduces the weight of the structure by 35 to 40% thereby resulting in additional cost saving in the substructure or foundation level.
  • Adds to the carpet area of the built structure as the walls are thinner than traditional bricks or cement blocks
  • Perfectly suited for difficult terrains and sites where heavy machinery and structures cannot be easily installed

THE VGS LGSF and HYBRID Applications:

  • Toilet Pods
  • Residential and Commercial Bathroom Pods
  • Low Cost Housing / Mass Urban and Rural Housing / Labour Accommodation
  • Hospitality Projects – Resorts, Extensions, Bathroom and Room Pods
  • Institutional Projects – Schools, Colleges – Additional Floors, Extensions, New Buildings
  • Infrastructure Projects – Solar Panel Framing, Inverter Rooms, Generator Rooms, Site Offices
  • Farm House Projects – Gated Communities, Modular Villas for Private Developers, Private Second Homes
  • Industrial Projects – Supplementary Structures Required on site which would complement our PEB Projects like Office Blocks, Site Accommodation

The LGSF system is designed based on provision of the following standards:

  • Indian Standard IS 801: 1975 Code of Practices for use of cold formed and welded section and light gauge steel structural members in general building construction.
  • British Standard BS 5950 (Part 5):1998 – Structural use of steel in Building Part 5 – Code of Practice for design of cold formed thin gauge structure.
  • British Standard BS 5950 (Part 1): 2000 Structure use of steel work in Building Part 1 with loading requirement as per IS 875 (Part 1)
  • Indian Standard IS 875 : 1987 Code of Practice for design loads Part 1 – Dead Loads – Unit Weights of Building Material and Stored Materials Part 2 – Imposed Loads Part 3 – Wind Loads
  • IS 1893 (Part 1):2002 Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures – Part 1 : General Provisions and Buildings

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