VGS along with sister concerns KIPL & ALIND having more than 50,000 MT/Year capacity state-of-the-art fabrication, cold forming & machining facility by using latest technology and machines on Vikarabad road 60 km from Hyderabad Manufacturing is the value-added process and art of metalworking that involves the building of structures by cutting, shaping, hole-making, assembling and welding of refined metal before they are loaded and taken to the site for their application.

Once the detailed drawings are obtained from the engineering offices, extensive metal preparation is carried out. Once the metal is ready, our machines are programmed with the appropriate values for the different parameters as per the requirement and application.

The formed and machined parts are then assembled and welded into place to form the final structure before being checked for accuracy. The product/structure is then shot blasted (as per SAE 1 or SAE 2.5 standards) and painted based on the required specifications.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of operators, material handlers, fabricators and welders is equipped with all the adequate machinery needed to carry out accurate and timely manufacturing. We offer superior components & products, which go through strict quality control and inspection and are worked upon with high-precision, sophisticated manufacturing equipment.