Steel in Manufacturing Units/Factories – Greener, Cleaner & Faster Construction

Steel In Factories Construction

Due to it’s versatility and durability, structural steel is the most preferred metal across various industrial sectors in the construction of factories. It is widely used in manufacturing industry, packaging industry, oil and gas industry, transportation industry, etc for various purposes.

In the present scenario, it is difficult to even think of any industry functioning without the use of structural steel. While steel is used to make a lot of equipment and machinery, it is also extensively used to construct buildings and godowns. Each industry has its own set of requirements where structural steel is used. Following are the various ways in which structural steel is used for various purposes in the manufacturing industry:

    1. Mezzanines:
      Mezzanines are used to add an extra storey between two storeys in a manufacturing unit, and also to give an added storage space. They also help prevent accidents in factories and warehouses. Mezzanines are made of structural steel and are used in manufacturing units for these purposes.
    2. Industrial stairs and handrails:
      These stairs are not like the regular stairs. There are certain norms and standards to be followed by structural steel fabricators while making industrial stairs. There are different types of industrial stairs available for various purposes. Some of them are crossover stairs, catwalk stairs, tank access stairs and straight stairs. With stairs would come handrails. Their primary function is to provide support for the person using the stairs. They can be easily customised according to the requirement of each plant.
    3. Steel Ladders:
      Most of the factories use steel ladders. There are different types of steel ladders available for different purposes. Fixed stainless steel ladders are used to access the roof of the manufacturing plant. Safety Rolling ladders are used in warehouses, shop floors, and store rooms. Clean room ladders and cantilever ladders are also used in manufacturing industries
    4. Energy Production:
      All manufacturing units require energy to function and all segments in the energy sector require steel as a material for construction of the infrastructure like pipelines, motors etc. Be it electricity, nuclear energy, wind energy, energy generated from turbines, etc., any kind of production of energy is dependent on structural steel.

While steel has a high strength to weight ratio, it is also low in emission of CO2 that is a greenhouse gas and the main cause of global warming. Many companies have adopted structural steel for the construction of their manufacturing plants and have achieved satisfactory results at a lesser cost than other construction materials, thus making structural steel the best and the greenest choice for use in the construction of your next manufacturing unit.