High Rise and Steel Structures

The history of human development and industrial progress can be marked by the growth and development of buildings.

The earliest generation of buildings in the early phases of the 20th century were constructed using stones, bricks and columns of cast iron. The second generation of high-rise buildings can be best illustrated with iconic constructions like the Metropolitan Life Building and the Empire State Building. In this phase, steel beams and columns ran through the entire building. The third generation of high rise buildings was ushered in after the Second World War, when steel framed construction became the industry norm.

There are a number of reasons why high-rise buildings are preferred in today’s times. With increasing urbanisation, scarcity of land, especially in urban spaces logically leads to an increase in high rise buildings.

High Rise and Steel Structures

High rise buildings are also important culturally as they make the skyline of the city. It is difficult to imagine mega cities like New York, London and Sydney without their skyline. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Petronas Twin Towers are considered symbols of their countries’ progress. High rise buildings give cities their identity and prestige.

However, there are a number of factors that need to be kept in mind with high-rise buildings. The buildings have to be sturdy enough to resist a number of natural and unnatural factors. The ‘load’ that a building faces could be in the form of wind load, impact load, among others. The building must also be able to withstand natural phenomena like earthquakes.

With so much at stake, it is imperative that safety, efficiency and accuracy are given prime importance in the construction of high rise buildings.

Volta Green Structures specialises in providing turnkey solutions for engineering companies that construct high rise buildings and steel structures. In the future, constantly evolving structural systems will mean taller, stronger and sturdier buildings in the future.

We at Volta Green Structures understand that in today’s world, it is not enough to provide only a set of specific solutions, but rather to provide 360 degree turnkey solutions to clients. Our projects have been some of the biggest names across industries in the infrastructure sector.

Industrial units like power plants, cement plants, textiles/chemical plants, or even public amenities like road and rail bridges have carried the trust and accuracy associated with Volta Green Structures .

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