Light Gauge Steel Buildings

Light Gauge Steel Buildings / Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) / Light Gauge Framing Systems (LGFS).

The 21st century is marked by urbanization, industrialization and commercialization. As commerce and trade have made their way to every single corner of the world, the world is today a smaller place. Borders, distance, transport and communications – seem to have blurred and merged together so that business is no more segregated by countries, cultures and continents.

Light Gauge Steel Buildings (LGFS) provide a modern, 21st century option for organizations that are looking to save costs and time in installation and setting. What makes light gauge steel buildings such a lucrative option is the fact that they are light and allow for quick building. When compared to older methods like wood-frame construction, light gauge steel buildings are easy to change or modify at any point. Light gauge steel buildings are also more resistant to factors like rot, termites and decay.

Light gauge steel buildings are a boon for projects like low-cost housing. They are also apt for institutional projects like schools and colleges as they allow for quick construction. Industrial projects that require a specific construction design also make use of light gauge steel buildings as valuable time and cost are saved. In today’s time and age, time saved is invaluable and a few months can make a world of difference when it comes to business and industry.

Light Gauge Steel Buildings

Light gauge steel buildings are the way forward in the future, when time is of the essence, and it is impossible to spend years in construction. The high levels of customization in light gauge steel buildings allow organizations to think bigger, plan larger, and expand their horizons. In fact, the fact that Volta Green Structures solution are turnkey means that we have become a one-stop solution for organizations looking to tap into the advantages of light gauge steel buildings.

Volta Green Structures is a domain leader in Light Gauge Steel Buildings, and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quick, customizable, accurate and turnkey solutions. Making use of the FRAMECAD system of construction, Volta Green Structures has specialized in providing customers with 360 degree turnkey solutions.
This has resulted in customers benefiting from a number of factors that have made light gauge steel buildings popular. The time used for construction is reduced by nearly half, and this has resulted in organizations saving time and costs. Light gauge steel buildings also have another benefit. The weight of the structure is reduced by 35 – 40% if light gauge steel buildings are used.

We at Volta Green Structures also pride ourselves on the high levels of accuracy – up to 1 mm – providing organizations with a high level of customization. Customization is of essence for organizations that are looking to expand their footprint in their industry.

With our customers ranging from industries, housing projects, to institutional clients, we strive to stretch the limits of our expertise. We understand the need of organizations to expand and make sure that our services do not cover just one or two aspects, but instead provide turnkey solutions.
Right from design, supply, fabrication to the final installation, Volta Green Structures helps organizations opt for Light Gauge Steel buildings and benefit from the many advantages.

Volta Green Structures firmly believes that the way forward in business depends on customization and accuracy. These two factors have been hallmarks of our operations and form the backbone of our endeavors.
The industrial needs of the 21st century will lie in providing customers with accurate, customizable and quick solutions. Keeping these factors in mind, we at Volta Green Structures like to believe we are marching forward. We hope to be a torchbearer in the domain of light gauge steel buildings, and the immense trust and confidence of our clients is what keeps us going.

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