Light Gauge Steel Frame Housing / Rapid Building System

Light Gauge Steel Frame Housing Solutions

Light Gauge Steel Frame Housing/Rapid Building System

With the passage of time, steel structures have been used in many buildings. India’s steel structures started appearing from the 90s when the construction industry and infrastructure industry started to have its wave after the grant of Foreign Direct Investment. In the display of structural advantages, steel structures are widely used in the infrastructure industry. The steel structure construction system can also be connected to the real estate industry, the line of convergence into a new industrial system, which is favored by the Light Gauge Steel Frames.

Due to the non-renewable land resources, soon construction industry must reduce the use of conventional RCC. India’s steel output has reached 9 million tons as of today. With the exponential increase of steel production, due course of time, the construction industry also has ventured into unconventional practices and introduced steel structures in India. The introduction of steel structure building systems, for the construction industry and steel industry, is a necessary step towards Smart as well as Green Construction Techniques.

In recent years, if we compare steel structure buildings with brick-concrete structure buildings, steel buildings have obvious advantages in environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, and factory production. The development of steel structure will certainly promote the rapid development of the construction industry, metallurgical industry, machinery industry, commerce, transportation industry. The development history of the steel structure is longer than that of a reinforced concrete structure, and its vitality is becoming stronger and stronger. Light-Gauge-Steel-Frame-Housing-Solutions

Light Gauge Steel Framing technology and its product configuration is a very mature, high degree of industrialization. India is more than a century old in the domain of construction technology and building materials industry. Galvanized steel sheets used in building structures have excellent corrosion resistance and durability. Their service life under normal conditions is 275 years.

The seismic performance of light steel structure is much better than that of traditional concrete and brick concrete residence. At the same time, because of the light weight of the light steel structure, the unit area weight is only equal to 1/4 of the weight of the same area brick-concrete structure, so its foundation treatment is simple and suitable for most geological conditions. Steel structure houses are not worried about termite hazards as wooden structure houses if we talk about other non-conventional technique of real estate construction. For more information Contact Us.

Because, the steel used in the structure is manufactured in factories, the structural accuracy of a villa with light steel structure is quite high. The structural systems of a residential project are composed of tens of thousands of components. The average error of each component is less than 2 mm. This ensures the quality of the house, which is beyond the reach of traditional building methods.

Advantages of Light Gauge Steel Frame Housing villa in Construction:

  • A seismic resistance of light steel residential buildings: The inherent seismic performance of light steel structural systems is determined by the light weight of light steel structures, the properties of metallic materials and the necessary structural forms of shear walls. Because the earthquake activity is left and right and up and down, so with fasteners linked to the light steel structure formed a safe and stable box, not because of the earthquake shaking and wall collapse, or floor fall endangers personal safety. When the earthquake intensity is 9 degrees, it can satisfy the requirement of not collapsing.

  • Light Gauge Steel Frame Houses are relatively light, the “bulk density to strength ratio” of steel is generally less than wood, concrete, and masonry, and lighter than reinforced concrete structures by 30% – 50%.

  • Light Gauge Steel Frame Houses have a small cross-section and can increase the effective building area by about 8% compared with reinforced concrete structures.

  • Greatly save in construction time, and construction is not affected by season. It also helps reducing construction waste and environmental pollution and building materials can be reused.

  • Volta Green Structure’s revolutionary Light Gauge Steel Frame and Hybrid construction technology are powered by the FRAMECAD system which is a rapid construction system using cold rolled, galvanized steel sections which allow us to design and build strong, durable steel framed buildings easily and efficiently, anywhere in the world.

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