Current Status of Mass Housing Projects Across States and How Speed Can be Improved with Our Technology

Current Status of Mass Housing Projects Across States and How Speed Can be Improved with Our Technology

With India growing in international stature as a developed nation, there are a few impacts (both positive and negative) that we will have to endure. One of the foremost effects of a developing economy is Urbanisation.

Urbanisation is the trend of populations flocking to urban areas to set up their homes and livelihood. Urbanisation is a trend that can be witnessed across the world, and has been one of the standard features of human civilisation. Since the days of early civilisation, humans have always flocked to regions that had access to water and other resources. Similarly, in the present world, urban spaces are sought after to work in and settle in

Current Status of Mass Housing Projects Across States and How Speed Can be Improved with Our Technology

In the India of today, urbanisation is a reality and that is what makes mass housing projects an utmost necessity
of urban planning. Mass housing projects are crucial as they are low-cost and their planned nature
make housing accessible to the masses. When compared to high-rise building, mass housing projects are
needed in larger numbers and have the ability to transform the lives of a much larger bracket of

Pre-engineered technology makes it possible to envision, design, and execute mass housing projects for a number of reasons.

If we were to compare the modern, innovative technology of pre-engineered structures with RCC(reinforced cement concrete) structures and conventional steel structures, we find that pre-engineered building structures offer a vast number of tangible advantages.

Time is of the essence in mass housing projects as the lives and livelihoods of people depend on their quick and efficient execution. Pre-engineered buildings are the quickest to build in comparison to RCC and steel structures. This means quicker returns on investment, and earlier project completion. Even after the structures are completed, RCC and conventional steel structures do not allow for expansion to the projects. The process is complicated and requires a lot of planning. In pre-engineered building structures, expansion is quite easily executable.

Current Status of Mass Housing Projects Across States and How Speed Can be Improved with Our Technology

In mass housing projects, since time and cost are of the essence, the task of procuring supplies and material from various agencies could be quite time taking and effort consuming. RCC and conventional steel structures require coordination between a number of agencies and vendors. A slight lag in one chain of the process could lead to overall delay and could put the project in jeopardy. Pre-engineered buildings come with the advantage of turnkey solution. This means that a single organisation is responsible for complete solution – right from the project vision stage, to planning, execution, production, supply and assembling the final structures. This results in much easier logistics and management of mass housing projects.

Pre-engineered buildings also make it easier for portability of the entire structure since the entire unit is assembled from a number of pre-engineered parts.

This is particularly important for organisations that need to replicate a particular model in different regions. Since mass housing projects emphasise more on standardisation, the production and assembling of exact parts makes it possible to erect massive housing projects.

Volta Green Structures have been one of the pioneers in the domain of pre-engineered structures in India and we are proud to be taking the nation forward with our contribution to mass housing projects. If India has to progress further to become a world superpower, urban housing projects will play a crucial role in the entire process.

Volta Green Structures is proud to be associated with mass housing projects in India, and pledge to continue in our pursuit of excellence and innovation. It is our vision that every Indian has a roof over their heads, and comfortable and hygienic housing amenities.

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