Why steel is a superior choice for Airport Construction!

Airport construction

For a quality life to be lead, it is essential to provide for, a quality infrastructure that’s strong, efficient and long lasting. Constructors and contractors are gradually choosing steel in their construction, but most often, the use of steel in our every day lives goes unnoticed.

Material selection is a decisive factor for the durability & life cycle of any infrastructural buildings and installations.

Coming to the aviation infrastructure, steel has always played an important role in the airport constructions, being the superior choice in almost every airport construction around the world.

Here are three major reasons why we should make make steel a top choice for airport constructions and infrastructure:

  1. Safe & Sustainable:
    Steel is highly corrosion resistant and its coated or uncoated stainless steel helps increase the longevity of the structure, making it long lasting without easy damages. The fact that steel structures are light and economical, completely satisfying all the criteria for safety and sustainability.
  2. Usage Flexibility:
    There are certain requisites for airport construction that can only be achieved with steel. Steel gives the flexibility to alter the structure as needed, at some later point of time. Airports need large spacial buildings without having columns everywhere, so that the passengers can easily walk through and have a pleasant experience.
    This cannot be achieved through brick & mortar construction, which need columns and supports every few metres. Steel’s flexibility allows for the building to have lesser columns and more spacial buildings.
  3. Extremely Quick Constructions:
    Pre Engineered Buildings, which use high grade, corrosion resistant steel, often used for constructions in the aviation infrastructure, takes very less time for the project completion as opposed to the brick & mortar construction, thus saving up on your labour expenses and also enabling you to start the operations at the earliest possible time. 

Voltagreen’s PEBs help save up on a lot of expenses in the construction field and are nowadays the go to choice for infrastructure developers and several general contractors. We’ve helped construct airports in the least possible time, with strong, high grade steel elements.

You can read more about our PEB projects at: Voltagreen’s Pre Engineered Buildings.