Combination of Hybrid System Using Light Gauge Wall Structures


Combination of Hybrid system using Light Gauge Wall structures

There are various materials used for constructions, but steel has the most advantages, especially in terms of the speed with which construction can be completed. In fact, with light gauge steel construction, the time that it takes to complete the construction could be reduced by half.

The main principle of from Volta Green Structures about Hybrid construction is the combination of Prefabricated MS structures with Rapid Building System walls. The foundation of the building will be carried out in Civil and the basic structure of columns, beams will be in Prefabricated MS Structures. The flooring of the building will be either in Hollow core slabs or Deck sheet with concrete. All the walls are in Rapid Building System structure with light gauge steel frames stuffed with Insulation and sandwich with Fibre cement boards.

A load bearing wall carries all the vertical loads from the construction being done above as well as from loads due to the wind. These loads can either be acting in isolation or can combine together, but the light gauge wall structures would be strong enough to withstand them.

The principles that go towards wood framed construction are also applicable to light gauge structures. What usually goes as wooden framing members are replaced with cold formed steel sections, referred as such because they are formed at room temperature. This type of steel is done by passing thin sheets through multiple rollers, with each roller changing the shape of the steel frame ever so slightly. For structural sections, the thickness would be between 1 to 3 mm, but in the case of non-structural sections, it is about 1 to 2 mm.

Just as would be the case with a wooden framed construction, the steel members frame would be covered with dry sheeting on both sides so that it will form a load bearing wall. To connect the various members of steel, self-drilling screws are used. Also, the sections usually come pre-punched so that there is no problem with passing wires or plumbing through the walls.


Steel framing is secured to the floor through the plate below after all the panels have been aligned correctly. Whatever door and window frames are used in wood construction can also be used in the case of steel framed construction as well. Self-drilling screws of the required length can be used to drive through the frame and packed into the steel framing.

One of the biggest advantages of light gauge wall structures is the speed and ease with which construction can be done. Not only is the material light when compared to regular construction materials, it also allows a building to be completed without the need for heavy tools and equipment. The only real tool that would be needed at the construction site is a handheld screw gun.

Light gauge wall structures are stronger than your conventional materials, and therefore can have greater spacing between each member than would have otherwise been the case. This also adds to the time saved as it means there would be fewer steel members needed to complete the construction. Also, the steel can be shaped into any form that is required as well as allowing the opportunity to modify the construction at any time later on, if the need is so.


By using steel structures, the carpet area would also be significantly more than would be in the case of conventional constructions, as the walls would be a lot thinner. Steel can also be reused in case the building has to be demolished, so there will be no wastage.

There are many such advantages of metal buildings, making them all the more attractive than traditional constructions. Volta Green Structures is committed to ensuring the latest technologies are used in all kinds of high-rise or medium-rise buildings. Volta Green Structures uses modern structural methods to ensure no wastage of resources.


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